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The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Zurbriggen handles many different types of cases. The following is a breakdown by subject area of issues for which we provide aggressive, effective, and personalized representation:

Family Law / Domestic Relations  •  Juvenile Law  •  Criminal Law •  Appellate • Estate Planning
Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist, National Association of Counsel for Children,
Serving Arizona & Colorado

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Some Words From Our Clients

Amazingly dedicated and caring

In the world of law it’s difficult to find an attorney who has a heart. Let me say that Jeff not only has a heart but he also truly cares about his clients. We used him for a 3 year long severance\adoption case and he did everything possible to make sure we could adopt our darling daughter. His caring responsiveness literally helped me hold it together through one of the hardest times of my life. Most importantly, he SAVED our daughter’s life.

Erica, October 21, 2015

Divorce with Assets

Jeff was just incredible. He handled my divorce so well in that he was able to obtain records I never thought he could. He fully investigated my spouse. He uncovered things about him I never knew! Jeff also handled complex business and investment assets with no problem. He has an MBA which I think very much helped me.

Sara, September 1, 2015

Custody and Adoption

Mr. Zurbriggen helped me with a post divorce modification and got much more than I ever wanted or thought I could get! While working with him, I then realized he also did severances and adoptions, so I used him for that too. He expedited my severance and adoption, and completed the whole process very quickly. I owe my family to Jeff. He is so caring and calm, but is a tiger in the courtroom when needed.

Lisa, September 1, 2015

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