Father’s Paternity Rights

A number of important legal issues affect paternity including child custody, support, visitation, and more. In cases where paternity has not been established—which is generally done through DNA testing—a father’s rights may be compromised. However, once paternity is established, a father gains certain rights but may also be held to certain legal obligations, such as the financial support of his child.

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Paternity Rights & Obligations

Depending on the circumstances of the dispute, the mother or the presumed father may start a civil proceeding to determine paternity. Currently, DNA testing is the most accurate method for determining paternity. Other methods of establishing paternity are marriage, the father’s name being listed on the birth certificate, and both the mother and father signing an acknowledgement of paternity – all of which do not necessarily require DNA testing. Once paternity is established, the father is generally entitled to the following rights:

  • The right to pursue custody
  • Visitation
  • The right to make decisions regarding healthcare, education, religion, vacations, and other pertinent issues

Fathers whose paternity has been legally established may also be obligated to pay child support.

Know Your Legal Rights

Paternity is a complex issue that has wide-reaching legal implications as well as significant financial and emotional repercussions. Individuals who are involved in paternity disputes should always consult with an experienced family law attorney to learn more about their legal rights and options.

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