Practice Areas

Property Distribution

Property Distribution

When filing for divorce, or the dissolution of marriage, both […]

Father’s Paternity Rights

Father’s Paternity Rights

A number of important legal issues affect paternity including child custody, […]

Divorce and Dissolution With and Without Children

Divorce and Dissolution
With and Without Children

The rate of divorce continues to rise in the United […]

Child Custody

Legal Decision Making (“Custody”)
Parenting Time/Child Support

Legal Decision Making (“custody”), parenting time, and support […]

Spousal Maintenance and Alimony

Spousal Maintenance / Alimony

In some divorce cases, a Judge may see fit […]


Severance/Termination and Adoption

Adoption is a legal process in which a child is made […]

Family Law / Domestic Relations

Spousal Maintenance and Alimony

In some divorce cases, a judge may see fit to […]

Juvenile Law

DO NOT wait to call a lawyer until you have a problem, particularly […]

Appellate & Administrative Matters


The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Zurbriggen handles many different types of appeals.  […]

Trusts & Estates


Trusts are documents which are formed to create an entity into which property […]